Saturday, August 3, 2013

Surviving George Clooney

Those of you who know me are well-aware that George Clooney is my ultimate man.  He has been ever since the days of that television hit show, ER.  He is handsome, talented, caring (Save Darfur and the Concert for Haiti organizer), tall, liberal, and has a good sense of humor (he is known to play practical jokes on movie sets).  He was married once, no children (which is a shame because those genes really need to be passed on).  Since then, George has dated a string of beautiful women but never remarried.   

As I was running one evening, I started thinking: what if I went on a date with George Clooney, in all his awesomeness?  Would it be the most wonderful evening ever? Would I be instantly addicted?  What if he spoiled me for all subsequent men?  Would I ever get over him?  Would I ever find anyone else as amazing as he?  Would I ever even think of going on another date?

Then it occurred to me--what if the NYC Marathon is the George Clooney of marathons?
Bear with me here....New York City, to me, is the best city in the world.  It really is the ultimate of all cities.  I do love other cities:  Paris, Prague, San Francisco, but I can't love any of them  as much as NYC.  The NYC Marathon was the one marathon I wanted to run because I didn't know if I would ever do another one.  This marathon has so many things going for it--the throngs of amazingly supportive cheering spectators 10 people deep; the route through all five boroughs; running in the state where I was born and raised; and full of people I know, close to home.  
But, maybe George Clooney is really not the man I think he is.  Maybe he is completely self-absorbed and selfish.  Maybe he is a jerk to end all jerks.  And maybe, the NYC Marathon will be awful.  Maybe I will hate every minute of it.  Maybe I will throw up, poop myself, and barely make it over the finish line. 

Will I ever get over the NYC Marathon?  Will it spoil me forever?

I take my inspiration from Talia Balsam, who was George's first (and only) wife.  Her life didn't end when she and George broke up.  She went on to marry Roger Sterling (aka John Slattery--not too shabby), to whom she is still married. Obviously, Talia Balsam got over George.  So why wouldn't I pick myself up again and look for someone else.  Someone different, but someone still wonderful?  Maybe even, dare I say it, more ultimate than George?

Someone like John Slattery. 

Wait a minute. 

Would that mean, I would HAVE to do another marathon just to get over the NYC Marathon? 

I'm not going to worry about that just yet.

But hey, George?  Call me.  

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